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Radio: Pocket Doors

It takes about nine square feet of floor space to swing open a typical 3-foot-wide door. That's a big chunk of real estate, particularly in a small space like a powder room. For tight quarters, consider the space-saving pocket door, which slides efficiently into a wall. A bonus: its easy operation makes a pocket door ideal for universal design applications.

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First evaluate your space. If the wall you'd like to slide your door into is a load-bearing wall, or if it's got a mess of pipes or wires, a pocket door probably isn't going to work. But if you're doing new construction, or if your wall can accommodate a retrofitted door, you're in business.

You can purchase a pocket door hardware kit at your local home improvement store. A kit usually includes a track, door hangers, floor brackets, and rollers. Pocket doors themselves are available in many different styles, including paneled, divided lite, and french, and can be installed singly or in pairs. A standard kit will accommodate a door that's about 125 to 150 pounds; specialty kits can carry heavier doors.

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