Radio: Painting Floors

If you've ever spent any time or money sanding and refinishing a wood floor, you may wonder why anyone would ever paint one. But in some cases, a painted wooden floor is a great idea and can add charm and character to a home.

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Over time, some hardwood floors become simply too worn or damaged to make refinishing an option. Decades of water damage or other stains, deep gouges, or just too much wear can all make a homeowner start to think about wall-to-wall carpeting or extra-large area rugs.

Painting the floor not only can make it look great, it can also seal and protect the floorboards from further damage. As with any paint job, preparation is key. The floor needs to be lightly sanded to give the new paint a good surface to bond to. Be sure to sweep and vacuum thoroughly after you sand to remove any particles. If the floor was never finished, or if the sanding exposes a lot of unfinished wood, give it a coat of primer before you paint. For the top coat, choose a paint that's designed for floors and decks-it's specially formulated to hold up under foot traffic.

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