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Radio: Potting Benches

A potting bench can be a handy addition to any yard or patio-even if you're not much of a gardener! Here's why.

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A potting bench is like a small workbench where a gardener can plant seeds, create container arrangements, and repot growing plants. Most potting benches offer some storage space in addition to a work surface, with a narrow shelf above and a deeper shelf below the main work area. This makes it convenient for gardeners, but it also makes it perfect for other uses as well.

When set up near an outdoor entertaining area, a potting bench can double as a food preparation station, buffet, or even a bar. Be sure to clean it scrupulously before you switch modes from garden to gourmet. A potting bench can also be purely decorative-overflowing with container plants, it adds visual interest to any front or backyard.

Potting benches come in lots of different styles, from inexpensive to posh. You can also make your own. It's a good do-it-yourself project for beginners, especially since a rustic homemade look is part of its charm.

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